Japanese Translation Other info
はじめまして How do you do Said when first meeting someone
おはよう Good morning Informal/casual
おはようございます Good morning Formal/polite
こんにちは Hello
こんばんは Good evening
おやすみ Good night Informal/casual
おやすみなさい Good night Formal/polite
すみません I'm sorry, apologies
ありがとう Thanks Informal/casual
ありがとうございます Thank you Formal/polite
いいえ Anytime, no problem Lit. means "no", response to ありがとう or すみません
どういたしまして You're welcome Formal/polite
では、また / じゃ、また See you, bye Informal/casual
さようなら Goodbye, farewell Used for turning points in one's life
おつかれさま Thanks for the hard work Informal/casual
おつかれさまでした Thank you for your hard work Formal/polite
いってきます Be right back, I'll be out for a bit When you're leaving for a short while
いってらっしゃい Take care, take your time As response to いってきます
ただいま I'm home/back Informal/casual
ただいまです I'm home/back Formal/polite
おかえり Welcome home/back Informal/casual
おかえりなさい Welcome home/back Formal/polite
ようこそ Welcome
いらっしゃいませ Welcome Said by store tenants to clients entering
いただきます Thanks for the meal Before starting to eat
ごちそうさま Thanks for the meal After finishing the meal
ごちそうさまでした Thanks for the meal After finishing the meal + formal
おだいじに Get well soon Said when someone's sick or isn't feeling well