Choose a city or prefecture (that is not Tokyo or in the Tokyo prefecture). When you've chosen this city/prefecture, tell Yatalu through Skype. Your task is to make a presentation about it!

Conditions Bearbeiten

  • Length: 2 to 5 minutes (not a strict limit! no need to time)
  • Include the following info:
    • Location of the city/prefecture in Japan
    • Population (how many people live there)
    • At least 1 significant/interesting historical fact
    • At least 1 location (town, ward, building) within your city or prefecture
  • Create visual support, e.g. PowerPoint, google slides, prezi, picture slideshow, ...

Presenting Bearbeiten

We will just present during the class! If you can't present through skype, let me know on beforehand and we will work out a solution :)