Hi! This page is made by Yatalu/Kiwi to put some hiragana exercices for people who want to test their hiragana. Some words are very common, but others are uncommon. You don't need to learn the vocabulary though; it's written just as a pointer (so you're not writing meaningless hiragana).

Instructions Bearbeiten

  • Scroll down to click the correct exercice in the list below.
  • Write the words or sentences on a separate paper (preferably with the numbers). Scan the exercice and send it on Skype. If you don't have a scanner, a very clear picture is okay too.

Exercises Bearbeiten

"a" until "go"

"sa" until "zo"

"ta" until "do"

review: "a" until "do"

"na" until "no" + "n"

"ha" until "po"

"ma" until "yo"

review: "a" until "yo"

"ra" until "wo"

extended hiragana

full recap