This is an exercice on small tsu, small ya, yu, yo and long vowels.

Instructions Bearbeiten

  • Print one page of Datei:Squared page.pdf.
  • Write the words below in hiragana.
    • Write horizontally from left to right on a squared paper, one word per line.
    • Remember to write the small hiragana in the correct part of the square.
  • Vowels with macron (ā, ī, ū, ē, ō) are long; unless indicated, they are written with common spelling.
  • Uncommon spelling is indicated with [!] right behind the syllable.
  • When syllable split is ambiguous, an apostrophe (') is added between two syllables.

Exercise Bearbeiten

  1. shūryō — end, termination
  2. obāchan — grandmother (familiar form of address)
  3. tassē — achievement
  4. shin'nyūsē — new student
  5. honō[!] — flame, blaze
  6. ryūgaku — exchange study
  7. atarashī — new
  8. onē[!]san — sister
  9. ka'nyū — becoming a member
  10. kan'yū — invitation, solicitation