This exercice is a full recapitulation of all basic and extended hiragana, as well as basic punctuation in Japanese.

Instructions Bearbeiten

  • Print two pages of Datei:Squared page.pdf.
  • Write the paragraph below in hiragana. Replace western-style punctuation by the appropriate Japanese equivalent.
    • Write horizontally from left to right on a squared paper.
    • Remember to write the small hiragana and punctuation in the correct part of the square.
  • Vowels with macron (ā, ī, ū, ē, ō) are long; unless indicated, they are written with common spelling.
  • Uncommon spelling is indicated with [!] right behind the syllable.
  • When syllable split is ambiguous, an apostrophe (') is added between two syllables.
  • Spaces between words and capital letters are merely added for reading ease; they do not apply to the Japanese text.

Exercise Bearbeiten


Minasan, ohayō gozaimasu. Kochira ha Oriāna desu. Kin'yōbi ni Benezuera no Barukishimeto kara kita ryūgakusē desu. Sukina kotoba ha "tehepero" desu. Shumi ha piano ya sanpo desu. Nihon demo sore wo tsuzu[!]ketai desu. Kazoku ha, onīchan to onē[!]chan ga ite san'nin kyōdai desu. Wanzaburō to iu inu mo katteimasu. Ani no Maurishio ha ō[!]otoko de, bakaji[!]kara wo motteimasu. Pasokon gē[!]mu ya bokushingu nado ga suki desu. Ane no Patorishia ha barē[!] ga jōzu desu ga, gūzen yūmēna gorufu senshu ni narimashita. Oriāna ha kinō kē[!]ki wo tabenagara, toppugia to tenipuri wo mimashita.

Translation Bearbeiten

Good morning everyone. This is Oriana. She is an exchange student who came from Barquisimeto, Venezuela last Friday. Her favorite word is "tehepero". Her hobbies are piano and walking. She wants to continue this in Japan as well. As for her family, she has an older brother and sister, so she's with 3 siblings at home. They also have a dog called Wanzaburo. Her older brother Mauricio is a big man who has a great physical strength. He likes things like PC games and boxing. Her older sister Patricia is skilled at ballet, but unexpectedly became a famous golf player. Yesterday Oriana watched Top Gear and Prince of Tennis while eating cake.

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