This is an exercice on hiragana rows a (a i u e o), ka (ka ki ku ke ko) and ga (ga gi gu ge go).

Instructions Bearbeiten

  • Print one page of Datei:Squared page.pdf.
  • Write the words below in hiragana.
    • Write horizontally from left to right on a squared paper, one word per line.

Exercise Bearbeiten

Go board

"Go" board game

  1. ou — to carry
  2. gokai — misunderstanding
  3. ake — dawn, daybreak
  4. iku — to go
  5. eiga — movie
  6. gikai — parliament
  7. kogu — to row, to paddle
  8. igo — Go (board game)
  9. kuge — nobility, noble class
  10. eki — (train) station