This is an exercice on hiragana rows ra (ra ri ru re ro) and wa (wa wo).

Instructions Bearbeiten

  • Print one page of Datei:Squared page.pdf.
  • Write the words below in hiragana.
    • Write horizontally from left to right on a squared paper, one word per line.
  • Spaces between words are merely added for reading ease; they do not apply to the Japanese text.

Exercise Bearbeiten

  1. renraku — contacting
  2. iro — color
  3. kaminari — lightning
  4. oriru — to descend, go down
  5. arawareru — to appear, come in sight
  6. mirai — (distant) future
  7. omoshiroi — interesting, fun
  8. kage wo nageru — to project a shadow
  9. wakaru — to understand
  10. ki wo tsukeru — to be careful