Hi! This page is made by Yatalu/Kiwi to put the correction key of the hiragana exercises at Hiragana. You can also use these in reverse as reading practice: read the words, and use the original writing exercises to see if you read the words correctly.

Instructions Bearbeiten

  • Scroll down to click the correct exercise in the list below.
  • Take your writing exercise next to you and verify if you read the correct hiragana.
  • Note: whether or not you write beautifully can unfortunately not be checked with the key. Therefore, sending exercises to someone who can give you feedback on your handwriting may help too.

Exercises Bearbeiten

"a" until "go"

"sa" until "zo"

"ta" until "do"

review: "a" until "do"

"na" until "no" + "n"

"ha" until "po"

"ma" until "yo"

review: "a" until "yo"

"ra" until "wo"

extended hiragana

full recap