This is the solution of exercise 2B for hiragana rows sa (sa shi su se so) and za (za ji zu ze zo).

Explanation Bearbeiten

  • This correction key only serves to say if you wrote the correct hiragana
  • This key does not guarantee that you wrote the hiragana beautifully


  • You're free to use this the other direction too: reading the words below can make it a reading exercise!

Exercise Bearbeiten


Legless chair for Japanese tables

  1. ざいす — legless chair
  2. そうじ — cleaning
  3. さしず — instruction, directions
  4. そうぞう — imagination
  5. がくせい — student
  6. きせき — miracle
  7. あし — foot, leg
  8. あじ — flavor
  9. おす — to push
  10. ぞうぜい — tax increase