This is a table to come up with model verbs for conjugation types. You can use the English translation as a hint for possible verbs, but you don't need to use those verbs; you can also use others.

The # is how many verbs you should try to think of. If you don't get that many, that's fine! Just try to think of at least one then

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Ichidan (one-stemmed) verbs
Ending ~ます form # English (hint)
~(e)る ~(e)ます 3
① to eat
② to sleep
③ to forget
~(i)る ~(i)ます 3
① to get up
② to see
③ to descend
Godan (five-stemmed) verbs
Ending ~ます form # English (hint)
~る ~ります 2
① to make
② to know
~う ~います 2
① to say
② to help
~く ~きます 2
① to walk
② to write
~ぐ ~ぎます 2
① to hurry
② to swim
~す ~します 2
① to speak
② to push
~つ ~ちます 2
① to stand
② to carry
~ぬ ~にます 1
① to die
~ぶ ~びます 2
① to choose
② to call
~む ~みます 2
① to live, reside
② to drink
Irregular verbs
Verb ~ます form # English (hint)
くる (to come) きます 1
① to be right back
する (to do) します 2
① to love
② to study
Ending ~ます form # English (hint)
~い ~いです 3
① interesting
② good
③ blue
~(な) ~です 3
① easy
② favorite, like
③ quiet

Key Bearbeiten

Do you think the English hints are still too unclear to find the Japanese verb? The answer key can be found here.